the philosophy:

The DAYTIME NYC design philosophy is about the convergence of design culture, 
deep consumerism and artistic movement, that creates a platform of Commercial Aesthetics.

The core of DAYTIME NYC strategic design business is a network and the spine of the net is knowledge, 
shared between people that bring cross-cultural consumer experiences and turn-key management to the process of design.

The structure is formatted to support any design initiative, vision, product or retail environment 
that requires a consumer centric turn-around. 
Each project is configured differently, necessitating the platform built from the diversified essence of the people involved.

A ceramic designer casts metal objects, a glass designer prints textile patterns, a hardware designer 
shapes cutlery and a jewelry designer creates finger friendly interfaces on digital devices, 
all with the instant unexpected beauty that comes from the interpretation of someone 
who observes the subject from a different perspective.

This is the new era of industrial artistery.

The structure of multi-facetted-minds builds valuable intellectual property
and function as a well needed antidote to the dangers of global sameness...